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An Interactive Kids' Music Program

Combine music and movement for kids into a unique learning experience with Funkytown Playground. Our singing and songwriting duo offers a unique kids' music program featuring original and classic children's songs. This is a fun and exciting way for your child to develop social, learning, and motor skills. Nurture your child's learning ability with our kids' music program in New York, New York. 

Birthday & Theme Parties

Awesome is the word your child will use to describe his or her birthday or theme party when we provide the entertainment. We sing songs that follow a theme, create our own theme, or take requests from the kids. The idea is that everyone has fun and learns something, too. We can also write a personalized song for the guest of honor. 

Music & Movement

We incorporate melodies and song lyrics with directed movements to create an energetic activity. Our lyrics are combined with body language, initiated by our movement instructors. We integrate fine motor skills into our songs to support coordination and equilibrium development. Additionally, special needs kids who need that extra attention get it from us.


Creative Expression

At Funkytown Playground, our original, heartfelt songs convey important concepts to support self-esteem and confidence building. Our lyrics are carefully chosen to elevate a child's positive attributes, and to send clear messages of love, self worth and family values. Through our music, we encourage an appreciation for each child's unique individuality.

Baby Music Classes

Submit to our email list and join a mommy group near you!  We already have active mommy groups all over the NY metro area.

Ask about our discounts for extra kids or large groups

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