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Add a Welcome Tune to the Learning Experience

Music and Movement for Preschools Class & Elementary School 

Music Moves Me is an integrated, educational, music and movement program designed for kids. Our artists perform interactive songs that are designed to educate by utilizing melodies that are catchy and fun. Each session delivers an extremely high level of enthusiasm and energy, which is contagious!  Participants will eagerly anticipate their next meeting. Make learning fun for your child with music and movement for kids from us in New York, New York.
Our progressive method of teaching is unique because the core of our curriculum incorporates original music in an engaging and captivating performance. We create an enjoyable experience for children as we help to open their minds and expand their imaginations. Because our program was developed by seasoned, teaching artists we know what it takes to engage and inspire our young participants!

A Fun and Learning Experience
Owners Aly "Sunshine" and Johnny "Wheels" are professional musicians who write and compose their own original kid and parent friendly melodies. They came straight out of the Funky Town Playground with a purpose—to spread sunshine with their soulful songs and catchy melodies. This singer/songwriter duo likes to share songs about mommy, baseball, boo boos, animals, trains and other cool kid stuff. But watch out parents! These songs are so catchy you may find yourself singing them even when the kids aren't around!

Give Your Child a Gift to Remember with Music for Kids
Proudly Serving:

New York City and the Tri-State Area

Hours of Operation:
7 Days a Week, 8:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.

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• Recipient of Kids' Music Award (Alyson's  Song "Ticket to Anywhere")


Baby Music Classes

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Child-Friendly Entertainment For:

Preschool Centers
Birthday & Theme Parties
Parent & Child Groups

In-house field trip  Moves Me come to you for an exciting musical adventure that takes place right there in your school. Save time and money when your school is on a budget or the weather doesn't allow a field trip.

Creative Expression

At Funkytown Playground, our original, heartfelt songs convey important concepts to support self-esteem and confidence building. Our lyrics are carefully chosen to elevate a child's positive attributes, and to send clear messages of love, self worth and family values. Through our music, we encourage an appreciation for each child's unique individuality.

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