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Welcome to the

Funkytown Playground

Funkytown Playground is an integrated, educational, music, movement and yoga program designed for kids. Our artists perform interactive songs that are designed to educate by utilizing melodies that are catchy and fun. Each session delivers an extremely high level of enthusiasm and energy, which is contagious!  Participants will eagerly anticipate their next meeting. Make learning fun for your child with music and movement for kids from us in New York, NY. 

We are now offering fun virtual events where we can bring the party to you from the comfort of your own home. 

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"Aly has a five-star voice and she kept the students engaged and moving...Everyone enjoyed this uplifting show that reminded everyone to be kind." 

                                 Duke Ellington Express Blog (P.S. 4M)

"Ali Sunshine and Funkytown Playground Band at Bryant Park...we can't wait" 



"Fun and informative...Funkytown Playground has succeeded in pleasing crowds of all ages."                                                          OneAndDoneMom blog


"Catchy and fun" -

                Brooklyn Library

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